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Archetype can design a wide range of effective and professional documents for you.

Good presentation is critical for the success of any form of communication. Information must be easy to read, documents should be clear and uncluttered. With creativity and careful attention to detail Archetype produces documents and displays that most effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

Archetype integrates text and graphics with a flair for layout and document design to present your information in a unique and visually appealing manner. 

Archetype can design and prepare print ready files for your brochure, poster, report, advertising, book, slide show, display, newsletter, magazine, and almost any print media project that you can imagine.

In addition, Archetype can compile and implement a style manual, or create a document design template for your organisation or business to ensure that you can maintain a consistently high and professional standard of presentation for all your print media.

Archetype desktop publishing and document design services include:

  • Creation of document templates, incorporating text styles and attributes (headings, headers and footers, titles, captions, body text) for MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, InDesign.

  • Creation of editable and fill-in forms for MS Word and interactive forms in PDF. 

  • Page layout and formatting for a wide range of documents (reports, books, manuals, submissions, proposals, applications, brochures, flyers, posters, etc.).

  • Scanning of graphics and text, including conversion of hard copy text to editable text.

  • Creating portable document format (pdf) files for Acrobat Reader.

See the Portfolio page for samples of documents.


Specialist MS WORD and PDF Services

Archetype specialises in recreating editable documents in MS Word from supplied InDesign or pdf files, including fill-in forms, application and claim forms. We can also offer tutoring in the use of Word templates, and user manuals for specific tasks. 

Selected Publishing Projects and Clients


Coastguard Boating Education: Archetype has undertaken a number of book design and publishing projects for Coastguard Boating Education, including designing and producing many of their in-house publications and handbooks, and most recently, designing and producing the book, Safety in Small Craft (2020) currently in press.

Papawai Media: Book design and production, and prepress work and print liaison on numerous books including:

Sonja's Kitchen by Dee Pignéguy and Sonja Raela

Nature's Techno Tricks by Dee Pignéguy 

Gardening For Planet Earth by Dee Pignéguy 

From Monkey to Moth by High Major

What's that Living in my Stream? Freshwater Fishes by Amber McEwan


Breast Cancer Network (NZ) Inc: Design and production of various documents for the Conference Procedings for the 1st New Zealand National Conference for those affected by breast cancer in 2007. See the Portfolio page for these documents.


JR McKenzie Trust: Archetype has completed two document design and publishing projects for the JR McKenzie Trust See Here Project: 

  • The See Here Case Report - Improving services to children with mild and moderate vision impairment in New Zealand and Summary Brochure

  • A summary document created from the See Here final evaluation report: Challenges and Lessons in Advocacy by Community Organisations


Ministry of Health

  • Vision and Hearing Screening Brochures.

  • National Screening Unit: Recreation of a range of audiology screening brochures for the NSU website.

  • Disability Support Services: Document design and desktop publishing for a range of  funding guideline and protocol manuals including cover and document design, diagrams and text formatting.


Blue Star Print Group: Archetype has undertaken a wide range of document design work for Blue Star Print Group, specialising in recreating editable documents in MS Word from supplied pdfs, including fill-in forms, application and claim forms, annual reports, capability brochures, fact sheets, questionnaires and surveys, among others. Many of the projects involved the recreation of print documents as electronic files for use on corporate intranets. Clients have included:

  • Tower

  • Westpac

  • Schnieder Electric

  • BNZ

  • GE

  • Auckland Regional Transport Authority

  • National Bank

  • Fleet Partners

  • Office Max

  • Lotteries Commission


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