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Maps, illustrations, technical diagrams, tables, figures, photos of all descriptions for any purpose.

The use of illustrations, diagrams and tables can enhance the visual appeal of a document, present information clearly and concisely, and is a vital component of promotional or display materials.

Archetype can create a range graphics for both documents and display. We specialise in the creation of technical and scientific diagrams, including tables, graphs, charts and maps. 

Archetype also offers scanning, photo repair and photographic manipulation, logo creation, and illustrations. A range of vector (line art) and bitmap (e.g. photographs) images can be combined to enhance the text in your document or display.

See the Portfolio page for samples.

SCANNING Slides, Negatives, Photographs and Documents

Archetype offers a high quality scanning service and we can scan your slides, colour negatives, hardcopy photographs and text documents.

We have had a high level of success digitally repairing old and damaged slides, negatives and photographs, giving them a new lease on life. Enjoy viewing your old photographs in a new light.

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