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Research, editing, document design and publishing work on a wide range of documents for print and electronic media

“Sue is a true professional, she has a wide range of skills including editing and design and she always delivers ‘as promised’. As a result, I have been working with her for more than 10 years.”

- Janet Digby, Project Manager, Levare Ltd

Document Design: new information flyers for print

“Wow these are brilliant thanks Sue – much better than I imagined they could be!”


- Gary Heaven, Operations &  Safety Manager, Liquigas Ltd

Research, writing, editing, document design and publishing on a wide range of documents, but particularly Upfront U Kaiora magazine

Since 2003 Sue [Claridge] has researched, written and edited 74 issues of Upfront U Kaiora, interviewed scores of people, encouraged women to have their say, tackled the ‘hard questions’ many of us wanted to ask, brought controversies out into the open, and kept NZ women with breast cancer and their families well -informed.


[Breast Cancer Network] has been fortunate in having such a professional editor for Upfront U Kaiora… Sue has been rigorous in seeking out the latest research information about all aspects of breast cancer and the associated lifestyle and environmental connections. Complex issues have been presented in an easy to read format and her work has reflected deep compassion and sensitivity. It is has been a pleasure to work with her.


Upfront U Kaiora, came to be highly regarded by breast cancer groups, women’s groups and health professionals. It [was] the face of Breast Cancer Network since it was first published. Sue 'gave her all' to the publication and BCN, and has been much admired for her sincerity and professionalism.


For the 2007 1st New Zealand National Conference for those affected by breast cancer conference she capably handled the publicity, media interviews and press releases, and produced the Recommendations (The Way Forward), the Conference Proceedings and photographic records.


- Gillian Woods, Past Chairwoman and Honorary Life Member,
Breast Cancer Network (NZ) Inc.

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